“Content” – photograph(s), image(s), or any other media that is represented and available for download and purchase on this website.
“Media” – photograph(s), image(s), or any other type of content that is represented and available for download and purchase on this website.
“You” – individual licensee, buyer, a person or a company or its representative, entity, every who download, purchase any content from this website.
“This website” –
“RF” – Royalty Free


By downloading any content from this website, you agree to use it only in accordance with the rules and conditions of license types which are listed below on this page. Any prohibited or illegal use of the content shall be considered as copyright infringement. You shall be liable for all damages caused by copyright infringement, including any claims made by third parties., payment processing service, nor hosting service will be liable for any third-party claims or incidental, consequential, or other damages arising out of this license or the buyer’s use of the content. grants you a non-exclusive, perpetual, personal use. Please, note that all Copyrights on the purchased and downloaded content remain exclusively with and its authors.


What is Royalty Free (RF) license: this is a type of license that grants you the right to use a media for various purposes, with no time limit, and without having to pay a royalty each time you use the mediayou pay only once and get to use it forever. All our licenses are royalty-free.


Examples of allowed use of RF photos (not for resale)

– Advertising, marketing, online marketing, print promotional content
– Prints, posters, print ads or other commercial display of Media (but not for resale)
– Graphic designs, as a part of creative projects (but not as a part of logo, brand or trademark name)
– In-House designs, commercial locations, working places, etc.
– Websites, web-banners, screen savers, wallpapers, presentations (Flash, PowerPoint, or similar)
– TV, film and other multimedia uses
– T-shorts, clothing, calendars
– One business social media account (but must be owned and managed by you, the licensee)
– Personal use
– Editorial use

Restrictions of use

– Reproduction/print run limitation of 250.000 copies
– Use purchased content in the product for resale

Extended Standard License allows you to use purchased content in items for resale (unlimited reproduction/print run)

– CDs, DVDs covers
– Web-templates
– Books and ebooks covers
– T-Shirt prints, clothing, mugs, postcards, etc.
– Labels and packaging
– Other similar products that you will resell

Restrictions of use

– unlimited reproduction/print run

Note: All Commercial RF content supposed to have no any visible (notable) logos, brand names, or any other sensitive information. What does it mean? It means that in case if you need to keep on a photo recognizable people’s faces, license plates, brand names, etc. you should buy a photo with Editorial License.


You may use any content downloaded from this website for “editorial” purposes, BUT the content marked with Editorial Use Only” may only be used for editorial, non-commercial purposes. Use of this content in advertising, promotion, or in any other work that involves the payment or receipt of a fee – is prohibited. For example, purchased content that has that type of license can only be used in news articles, on new websites or blogs for purely descriptive and illustrative purposes, in a non-commercial setting.

What is important to know

Content purchased under this type of license may contain sensitive information such as recognizable people, trademark logos, car license plates, or any other protected elements which can not be used without special permission which allows to use editorial content for commercial and advertising purposes. Purchasing content which is licensed only for Editorial use, you take full responsibility for its proper use. When using an editorial image it requires attribution to give credit. For example, you can write the following phrase below the image Image Source –”

Examples of allowed use

– Newspapers and magazines
– Non-commercial blog
– Article, publication in a newspaper or on a news website
– Documentaries
– Other newsworthy purposes

Examples of prohibited use

– Commercial purposes of any type
– Advertising, promotions
– Merchandise
– TV broadcast, OTT programming
– Any other commercial or promotional purpose

Restrictions of use

– Reproduction/print run limitation of 250.000 copies

Extended License

– unlimited reproduction/print run


– Resale, relicense, sub-license, rent
– Put it on a server with public access, a shared folder, a shared drive, a website or a service that distributes content for free
– Make it available for free download, transfer or gift it to third parties
– Use content marked as “Editorial Use Only” for commercial purposes
– Use it for pornographic, illegal or immoral purposes
– Use it in promotion, advertisement or product that could embarrass, insult or humiliate somebody